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The New Update Is Already Here
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The New Update Is Already Here

<center><h2>"We welcome you to the new update of evolera.org"<br />

<h3>Now we bring you a completely different and improved new city.<br />

<h3>We also realized that we needed more bosses so here we bring you the Token Bosses, The Bosses release tokens only once in a while and take a while to reappear so hurry up and be the first to kill the bosses to don't run out of tokens<br />

<h2>We have also remodeled the Casino area and in turn we added the "Blackjack" minigame in which you can bet the item you want with whoever you want<br />

<h3>We also added a new VIP area, in which you can find chests that give free items and you can also level up with the VIP hunt area that we added =)<br />

<h3>We added a new area for the sale of spells, here you can buy some spells such as some combos if you have enough Tokens & Gns.<br />

<h3>We added a new area for Trainers and we also remodeled the NPC area<br />

30.07.20 00:48:38
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