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Tutor Application
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El Vita

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Tutor Application

Full Name: Lucy.
Age: 17.
Country: Poland .
Languages Spoken: Polish, English.
I am learning mapping and Photoshop, and I am very active.

About me: I am Lusia, my name is Aurelia, I am currently 17 years old, I am thinking about expanding my path in programming to be useful for something in Tibia and I just like to create my own scripts etc. My hobby is still reading books and helping in my free time. I like listening to music, I usually do it when I'm depressed or something in this desense. I don't think much about character, but I'm helpful and nice when I'm angry, I have to have a really serious problem or someone pissed me off that I couldn't stand it but in general I'm a quiet nice person who speaks only when you need to do something or is needed and so I don't participate in most cases.
And at the end of memories from Evolera I started the game with the 2nd edition.

I know there is a growing up Polish community in Evolera, so I want to become a helper for them so the communication could be easier between us.

I learning english so sorry for my english.
13.02.20 19:55:02
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on 13.02.20 20:01:40
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