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Small Update.
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Owner Maydel

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Small Update.

<center> <font color="red"><h1>Small Update During 11 February</h1></font>
<h2>-We've published the iceevo item through shop offer.</h2>
<h2>-We've increased maydel weapons.. from 700K to 900K per hit</h2>
<h2>-We've increased the exp gain from kill</h2>
<h2>-We've fixed all bugs during the map</h2>
<h2>-Iceevo healing for rp will added soon in shop offer</h2>
<h2>-Iceevo boots have been removed from shop offer so zulkar be the best boots. right now</h2>
<h2>-We've added demonica runes too</h2>
<h2>-Our staff team are working for improve EC Shop offer as soon as the EC shop offer will be get opened soon!.</h2></center>
11.02.20 18:51:57
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