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Evolera Launcher
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Owner Maydel

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Evolera Launcher

<center><h1>Evolera.Org 27Of JAN: Explosion Edition!</h1>

<h2>Server Information
Client: 8.60
Port: 7171</h2>

<h1>Server Starts on: 27/01/2020 18:00CEST Swedish Time</h1>

<h3>~New Features~
We've balance paladin buffs and healing
We've balanced all vocations
We've created new donation castles [Raper Maydel] Custom Monsters.
Promotion doll <<< Will publish soon!
We've made custom quests: they are opened manually by staff members
We've made all Maydel weapons usable for all vocations.
Lux spells have been added as learnable spells in game and the damage has been increased
Exp earned from players has been decreased to balance server
Exp from monsters has been decreased to balance server
Monster Missions Npc - all missions have now been activated.
We've decreased the exp reward of monsters missions to balance server and exp formula.
Staff members are now active 24/7 hours to help people if there is any problems.
We've made event maker's as staff to open events for players around the clock
We've added new automatic events
We've removed maydel weapons till players get level 2M. due to balance our damage in evolera.!
we've added killstreak system.
we've added Guardian Set as quests in evolera city the quests are in secret places.
Hourly kill has been removed due to makeing alot of lags on server.</h3>

<h3>we will added mp/hp in talent
if there's anything else please send a mail to for ideas and there's alot of reward for that.</h3>

<h1>~Combo Spells!~</h1>
<h3>Sorcerer: exevo energy lux, combo spells has been added down stairs Protection zone of bridge. for 35Tokens and 2000 Gns
Druid: exevo super energy hur, combo spells has been added down stairs Protection zone of bridge. for 35Tokens and 2000 Gns
Paladin: Exura hot, combo spells has been added down stairs Protection zone of bridge. for 35Tokens and 2000 Gns!
Knight: Exori combo gran, combo spells has been added down stairs Protection zone of bridge. for 35Tokens and 2000 Gns!</h3>

<h1~Other fixes~</h1>
<h3>- Fixed so depots are non trashable
- Fixed token shop for spells (Down stairs Protection zone of bridge.)
- Added [Kills,Assist,Deaths,Solokills] system! It counts all of your records.
- we've removed the 1X talent scroll.</h3>

<h1>~Pet System~</h1>
<h3>Pet system have been added with alot of feature.
Pet system able to hunt and earn exp on kill too.
Pet system dmg increased by level
Pet system will have your same health and same vocation
Pet system needed to be trained to earn more skills</h3>

<h1>~Protection System~</h1>
<h3>Due to alot of people asks me for added new system so we've added protection system.
Protection system containted alot of things the protection system scroll will be publish soon on Webshop.</h3>

<h3>To be one of staff member in evolera,you have to help people and open help channel chat to help people and these following steps.

To take the exam, you need to fulfill certain requirements such as:
Must have played Evolera for at least 2 months.
Must have a character of level 1M or above.
Must not have a criminal record.</h3>
<h1>Create account NOW</h1>
26.12.19 18:14:34
Edited by Owner Maydel
on 26.01.20 17:34:57

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I am happy with this talk because it is new here and I love the wonderful new dinner and I hope that this time Evolera will be more beautiful and not be in the deception of the owners
25.01.20 19:42:05

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05.02.20 04:34:20
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